Spike Controls : Manufacturer of Automotive Electronics
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Corporate Profile


SPIKE CONTROLS manufactures Auto Electronic Products, Electronic Lubrication Controllers, Microcontroller based Circuits for Railways ,Water purifier circuits, Speed Sensors. Also we do job work for Electronic Energy Meter Manufacturers.

The company has a team of efficient Electrical / Electronic Engineers skilled in the field of production, Automation , Developments and maintenance of special purpose M/Cs and auto electrical products.


  • Transmitter/ Receiver
  • DC Brake Controller
  • Oil Warning Unit
  • Igniter
  • AMF Controller
  • Extension Sleeve
  • Digital Timer
  • Battery Charger
  • Speed Sensor
  • Oil Level Warning Device
  • Oil/Fuel Level Switch
  • Electronic Flasher
  • SMPS Battery Charger
  • Anti-2-Block System